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Katie Silver CV 2015 – pdf

Recommendation for Katie Silver:

Katie Silver is incredibly smart, energetic, creative and dependable.  I supervised her as an intern with CNN’s Documentary Unit.  I demand a lot from my interns and Katie stepped up to every task.

As an intern, Katie helped search for & pre-screen interviewees, gather archival video & stills to help tell the story, along with pinpointing sound from characters to strengthen scripts.  Logging is considered grunt work and not very fun, but it is key as that’s where the script emerges.  Katie understood that and her positive attitude served her well during the many hours she spent logging.

As a producer, perhaps one of the most important skills is being organized.  Katie embodies that trait.  She is resourceful and thorough when it came to story research and location scouting and beat every deadline we set.

Over the years I’ve had a number of interns that submit only what is asked.  That was never the case with Katie.  She consistently went above and beyond every assignment.  She had answers to my follow-up questions before I could even ask them.

I personally recommended her to our NY bureau chief for a News Assistant position as I felt she was too great an asset for CNN to lose.

Katie has a deep understanding of what it takes to tell a good story, how to relay it and what visual elements can help draw in viewers.  She has an exceptional eye for detail and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

I’d work with her any time, any place.

Julie O’Neill, Senior Producer CNN

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